What do you think about your State Flag Design ?

I got a chance to watch a TED talk by Roman Mars on Flag design this week. I got intrigued by the techniques and the concepts behind the flag design. 

I started looking into a few of the State/City flags and I should say a few of them were really good. 
Most of the State Flags were designed a hundred years ago. I am sure there would have been a lot of consideration, reasons, and history involved in the State/City Flag design process.
It is even interesting to know that some of these designs are selected based on the entries from different designers.

I have to agree with all the Flag design principles discussed in this TED talk.

- Keep it simple - Should be easy to hand draw and should be visible from a long distance.
- Use meaningful symbolism.
- Use two to three basic colors.
- No lettering or seals.
- Be distinctive

The flag design which satisfies these principles :

Flag of Texas

Flag of Portland

Few other State/City Flag designs :

Flag of New Jersey
Flag of Oregon

Flag of New York City

Flag of Florida

Flag of Las Vegas
Flag of Utah

Flag of California
Flag of Ohio