Miracle Tools in Photoshop Part 2 - Content Aware move tool in Photoshop CC (Step by Step)

Lately, I have been obsessed with the ''Content-aware move tool" in Photoshop. To know more about it, first we need to know about "content-aware tool". For those who wanna know what "content-aware tool" is, click here.

- Content-aware move tool is used to select a particular portion of an image and move it. This tool can help you skip all the complex time-consuming blending activities.

- This tool is most effective if the background has the same pattern as a cloudy sky or leaves.

To open it, click Tools - Spot Healing Brush Tool - Content-Aware Move Tool

After clicking the Content-aware move tool option a new toolbar appears on the top. It has the following options:
  • Mode
  • Adaptation
  • Sample all layers

Mode :

Under Mode, you have two options namely Move and Extend.

Move - It is the default option where you can select any part of the image and move it to another part of the same image.

Extend - The extend mode is to expand or contract objects like trees, buildings, leaves, etc.

Adaptation :

  Click the gear icon near adaptation and select the option medium.

Sample All Layers :

Enable Sample All Layers option to create the result of the move in another layer using information from all the layers.

Let's take an example.

This pic was taken during our trip to Lake George, New York. Such a beautiful summer day. Well in this pic you can see the small boat on the left-hand side of the picture. Now we are going to move that part into the center of the picture.

When you try to do that by the usual method, you have to select-cut-paste on the center and try to blend it for hours. With the content-aware move tool, you just have to select the part you want to move and place it where you want. Photoshop takes care of the rest!

I just moved it to the center of the picture. Look what happens !!!

Not only did it move, but it also clones stamped the area from which I moved. It blended the destination part and made it look as if the boat was really in the center.

Hope the picture explains more than what I said !!