New Uber logo !!

A few days ago I updated my Uber app and noticed an eloquent difference in the logo. I am sure many of you would have noticed it!

On first look, I was astonished by the new design. when companies are moving towards simple logo designs, Uber has decided to move away from its simple and neat logo to a complex one.

Somehow State Bank of India logo flashed in my mind when looking at the new Uber logo !!!

Personally, I felt the old logo was simple, powerful, trendy, and easily reproducible in any medium while the new logo looks confusing with a square, circle with random kaleidoscope line design.

I was curious to know the logic and reason behind the new logo and ended up reading the Uber blog post regarding this. Uber now has two logo designs, one for the ‘Rider app’ and the other for the ‘partner app’. Color palettes are going to be different for each city and they are going to be derived from the local factors like architecture, textiles, scenery, art, fashion, people.

It will be interesting to see how a hundred different colored logos will help build a single brand.