Importing shapes in Photoshop

What are shapes in Photoshop?

Shapes are pre-defined vector graphics in photoshop. The advantage of vector graphics is that they can be scaled without any loss of image quality.

The shape tool can be enabled by clicking the “Custom shape tool” or simply by pressing “U”.

Some of the tools present are ‘Rectangle Tool’, ’Rounded Rectangle Tool’,  ‘Ellipse Tool’,’ Polygon Tool’, ‘Line Tool’, and ‘Custom Shape Tool’.

ohhh so boring.......

Are you bored of the default shapes in Photoshop???  Well, there are lots of different shapes available which we can import into Photoshop. Human silhouettes, figures, animals, birds, trees, vehicles, swirls, and lots more.

Here are links to some of the websites which I came across that offer a lot of exciting shapes.

How to import/add these shapes into Photoshop?

After downloading the custom shapes, unzip the file. Then paste the files in the  'Shapes'  folder where you have installed your photoshop.

For eg : C – > program files – > Adobe -> adobe photoshop -> Presets -> Shapes

Then re-open Photoshop to find the shapes present under the  'Custom shape tool' menu.

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