Saturday, April 2, 2016

What do you think about your State Flag Design ?

I got a chance to watch a TED talk by Roman Mars on Flag design this week. I got intrigued by the techniques and the concepts behind the flag design. 

I started looking into few of the State/City flags and I should say few of them were really good. 
Most of the State Flags were designed hundred years ago.I am sure there would have been lot of consideration,reasons and history involved in the State/City Flag design process.
Its even interesting to know that some of these designs are selected based on the entries from different designers.

I have to agree with all the Flag design principles discussed in this TED talk.

- Keep it simple - Should be easy to hand draw and should be visible from a long distance.
- Use meaningful symbolism.
- Use two to three basic colors.
- No lettering or seals.
- Be distinctive

The flag design which satisfy these principles :

Flag of Texas

Flag of Portland

Few other State/City Flag designs :

Flag of New Jersey
Flag of Oregon

Flag of New York City

Flag of Florida

Flag of Las Vegas
Flag of Utah

Flag of California
Flag of Ohio

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