Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pixar's RenderMan - Free download !!!

Pixar’s award winning rendering software RenderMan is available free to designers this August  ! 

The happy part:   Designers will get the full version of RenderMan .

Catch:  It should be used for non-commercial purpose only.

I am really excited to try the marvelous software used for creating astounding movies like Toy Story, Wall-E and Cars 2.

Designers can register for the next non –commercial version here: http://renderman.pixar.com/view/registration

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back to Basics : Photoshop Actions - How to record an action in Photoshop CC

Action is an amazing feature of Photoshop.An action is a recorded collection of steps which can be applied to an image.Actions in Photoshop come in handy when you want to apply the same set of steps on a large number of files.

For example , I want to reduce the size of an image to 500px X 500px.I can manually perform every step on an image.Not a problem.I can do it for 5,10 or 20 images.What if I have to deal with 100 or 1000 images.It might take hours or days to complete this job.This is when Photoshop Actions come to the rescue.

To execute action :
Step 1 :Recording an Action

Step 2 :Performing the action

Recording an Action:

To record an action, Go to Windows - Actions (or) just click F9 to open the actions window.

Open the image on which you want to perform the action.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Photoshop CC - New Features

The newer version of Photoshop is out - Photoshop CC and I am just loving all the newly added features.
I gotta say the opening screen of the CC is the best of its kind.

In this tutorial,we are gonna discus some of the top features of Photoshop CC and how to implement them with examples.

1.Camera RAW Filter - Radial Filter

2.Camera RAW Filter - Upright

3.Advanced Healing brush

4.Camera Shake Reduction

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NYC x Design 2014 - a design celebration in New York City

NYCxDesign is going to happen in New York City on May 2014.

If you stay near NYC, I would strongly recommend you to join and enjoy the design celebration.

This event will cover various design disciplines , I am sure you will find the one you love.


 For more information visit :http://www.nycxdesign.com

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Wallpaper

As the leaves turn yellow, the streets are filled with vibrant colors.These cute and adorable love birds bring out the aesthetic beauty of autumn.

Enjoy these free desktop wallpapers designed by our adorable team here at Adorable Designs.

Do send us your comments and suggestions

Smart phones and Tablets:

 640x960 (iphone) 

1280x800 (Google Nexus)

Desktop :