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Thank you - Adobe Flash

I still remember the day I started using Macromedia Flash 4.0 and as a kid, I was excited about the idea of creating animation!


I started using other applications to fulfill my Flash movie artifact requirements and that's the start of my design journey.

Adobe acquired Macromedia before 10 years and a lot of Flash lovers like me were excited as it would increase the interaction between Flash and other Adobe products like Photoshop. Yes, over the past 10 years, we all saw an increase in the interaction and elevation in the ease of use between Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop. 

I have used Flash for almost everything  - For creating websites, mockups, logos, animated menus, banners, flyers, presentations, photo gallery, splash screen, animated gifs, Desktop applications, games, etc .. and every single time this extraordinary product did not let me down.

I have a mixed feeling when thinking about Early 2016 when Adobe Flash will morph itself into Adobe Animate CC. I feel sad to even think that Flash is going to be a history and on the other hand I am excited about the new features which Animate CC is going to offer to the design community.

Flash - Thank you for all the infinite beautiful memories!


Anonymous said…
Flash isn't going away, Adobe Animate CC can still create Flash content. The big difference with Animate CC is that it can also create content in other common web formats including HTML5.

HTML5 content will be quite limited in what it can do compared to Flash, but with any luck this will improve over time.
I know that Flash content can be created using Animate but somehow I get a feeling that renaming the application is the first step towards the end.I wish it co-exists with HTML5.
Getting expert with Photoshop and animations requires great deal of stamina and focus towards this work. Adobe Flash, Photoshop have always been inspirational for one my friend.

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