Sunday, March 2, 2014

Photoshop CC - New Features

The newer version of Photoshop is out - Photoshop CC and I am just loving all the newly added features.
I gotta say the opening screen of the CC is the best of its kind.

In this tutorial,we are gonna discus some of the top features of Photoshop CC and how to implement them with examples.

1.Camera RAW Filter - Radial Filter

2.Camera RAW Filter - Upright

3.Advanced Healing brush

4.Camera Shake Reduction

1.Camera RAW - Radial Filter :

This is really a boon to photographers for fixing their pictures. The Radial filter draws the viewer’s attention to a particular part of the photo. Let’s take this picture for example.
What do you see first? The Coca-Cola soda wending machine draws your attention immediately. But what if I want the viewer’s attention towards the big blue truck which sits at the center. All we have to do is use the Radial Filter.

Open the picture in Photoshop and duplicate it. Ctrl +J.Convert it into a smart object,so that you can always come back and edit your changes. You can do this by

Right click the duplicated layer --> Convert to smart object

Now open the Radial filter.

Camera RAW Filter --> Radial filter -->Draw a circle around the object where you want the focus to be.

There are several options on the right hand side of the window. Select the option ‘outside’ in Effects.

Now you can experiment with other options. You can adjust the exposure and saturation as well.

You could notice that the focus is more on the truck.Check out the difference in before and after the filter !

You can do the same for the group pics in which you want people to see only you ..just kidding !!!

2.Camera RAW Filter - Upright

Whenever you take a picture in an awkward angle (of course by mistake), you would end up rotating and cropping the whole picture. This filter is useful when you have difficulties in manually rotating your photos.

This is a beautiful view of the New York City skyline. I took as many pictures I could and this one happens to be my favorite.

Photoshop CC upright - Before

As you can see it is slightly tilted towards the left. You can crop it or manually rotate it.But I am going to use the Camera RAW Filter and rectify the issue with ease

 Camera RAW Filter --> Lens Correction -->Upright.

You can either apply Auto or manually select other available options.

Photoshop cc upright 

This is how it looks after applying the filter.simple and easy.

Photoshop cc upright - After

3.Advanced Spot Healing brush

This is one of the most amazing and time saving photo retouching tools available and it works like magic.

I would consider this feature as an intelligent version of Photoshop CS5’s Content aware Feature. (

Let’s take this picture for example. This is a stunning pic of the faring truck which I took in Wooden Shoe tulip farm in Woodburn, Oregon. This majestic truck is picture perfect except for those blurry images of people in the background. I couldn’t avoid the people - unfortunately it was very crowded that day.

This is where spot healing brush comes in handy.

Click on the spot healing brush ,adjust your brush size and just brush over the area which you want to patch.This is more like the content-aware tool which we discussed before.

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4.Camera Shake Reduction

This tool comes in handy when you regret about an important picture being little shaky Well! No worries. With Camera Shake reduction tool we can now reduce the shake and make pictures back to being fantastic.

Let me show you an example of this feature. I got some organic produce and I had to take a few snaps. I took a bunch of pics and later found them all shaken up a bit.  

Here comes the Camera Shake Reduction tool to the rescue.

A new window pops up.The Blur Trace setting has 4 options.Play around with these options until you get the desired crisp image.

This is how the image looks after using the shake reduction tool.Amazing right ?

Well this wraps up some of the features of Photoshop CC .I will keep updating on other features in my next post.Hope you guys would try it and let me know how it worked out for you.

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