Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Color themes with Adobe Kuler

Kuler is an Adobe product for creating and viewing color themes.

Kuler can be accessed in the following forms: 
 -  Web application (http://kuler.adobe.com ) 
 -  Adobe Air application (http://www.adobe.com/go/kuler_air) 
 -  Extension for CS suite

Color Themes can be created by the following techniques: 

Color themes by mixing: Color theme can be created manually by selecting the color from the color wheel. Kuler also provides 7 types of color rules for creating color themes. Each of these color rules are based on the Color Theory . These rules are really useful if you are planning to create a color theme from scratch.

creating color theme in Kuler - screenshot :

Color themes from image: This is one of the beautiful feature available in Kuler. It allows the user to extract color theme for an image. The image can be uploaded directly by the user or fetched from Flickr.  Colors can be picked manually by moving the pointers over the image or themes can be created by selecting the predefined moods.

 Source image and extracted color theme :


Color theme by editing the existing themes (Color themes created by other users)

Using it in Photoshop/ Illustrator

Importing it into Photoshop:   Color theme can be saved as an .ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) file and then imported into Photoshop.

Kuler allows the users to save and publish the color themes created by them. Other users can search color themes for inspirations and even modify a color theme and save it with a custom name.

If you have any questions check out the Kuler forum.

Here is a short Ad inspired by Kuler

If you are a developer and want to develop a Kuler application – find the documentation here.


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