Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cliplets / Cinemagraph - Step by step guide using Microsoft Cliplet app

I would say Cliplets is an extraordinary tool for creating Cinemagraphs.
What is a Cliplet?
(From http://research.microsoft.com)
“Microsoft Research Cliplets is an interactive app that gives users the power to create 'Cliplets' -- a type of imagery that sits between stills and video, including imagery such as video textures and "cinemagraphs". The app provides a simple, yet expressive way to mix static and dynamic elements from a video clip".
Here are the steps to create a Cinemagraph / Cliplets using Microsoft Research Cliplets:

• Download and install “Microsoft Research Cliplets” from Microsoft Research webpage (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/projects/cliplets/

• Drag and Drop a video file in its workspace.  Most of the major video file types are supported. I tired with  .wmv and .mp4 video files.

• This app allows users to create Cliplets only from a 10 seconds (or less than 10 seconds) video. Users can clip the video as per the requirement with an easy-to-adjust timeline tool.

•            In the first layer ,the actual video remains ‘Still’ and there is an option to select the static image by dragging the controls present in the upper side of the application.
There is also an option to select the loop portion.

• You can add a sub layer and set it to ‘loop’ and then use the cursor to select the portion which has to move.

• With some trial and error ,I am pretty sure that you will end up with a beautiful Cinemagraph.

You can save the file in Cliplet Project File (.xclp) for editing in future and export the output as a .gif file.  If required you can also save it in .mp4 and .wmv format.
Here is another Cliplet from Microsoft Cliplet Website :



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