Monday, October 22, 2012

Adobe Edge Inspect – Testing and reviewing in multiple Devices

Adobe Edge Inspect (Formerly codename shadow) is a remote inspection tool. You can connect multiple devices – of various screen sizes/ operating systems and inspect the design and functionality in all the connected devices simultaneously. In other words it makes debugging easier.

Initial Setup:

The initial setup was effortless and stress-free. Here are the steps:

1.Install the Adobe Edge Inspect plugin in Chrome web browser from the Chrome web store.

2. Install Adobe Edge Inspect application in your system from the creative cloud :

3. You can start Edge Inspect with the icon installed near the address bar in Chrome. (Adobe Edge Inspect application should have been started)

Chrome browser extension will be ready to accept connections:
(Browser and devices should be in the same network)


4. Now it is time to install Adobe Edge Inspect in the devices which you would like to pair with browser.
[I installed Adobe Edge in iOS and Android platform. I used my iPhone and Google Nexus Tablet for the same]

            IPhone – App Store                                     Android- Google Play

5. When all the devices are in the same network you will be able to connect them with Google Chrome browser.

6.Hurray ! –Now the device screens have the duplicate copy of my browser!!

Whether it is related to design or code debugging you can make modification and review it with ease!! Another interesting feature in Edge Inspect - It allows the users to obtain the screenshot of the connected devices from the browser.
I used the free version available in Creative cloud and I was able to test with only one device at a time! Edge Inspect premium version allows users to connect with multiple devices.

Even though there are a few drawbacks attached to this implementation, I personally love the output and recommend you to try it !


  1. Super Helpful. The only thing missing for me was a better viewer for the device snapshots. I was able to track down this Adobe Edge Inspect Snapshot Viewer Github project that makes it easier to view the snapshots generated from the Google Chrome Extension ( helpful for people like me managing dozens of devices ):

    1. @Peter : Thank you. Sure I will check the Snapshot viewer.

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