Wednesday, May 9, 2012

14 Adorable - impersonating iphone cases

These cases will transform your iPhone !!!

Chocolate - iPhone case

Crime scene - iPhone case

Bread - iPhone case

iMeshi Japanese Food - iPhone case

Rilakkuma Cat  - iPhone case

Chocolate - iPhone case

Disney Doll - iPhone case

Cassette Tape - iPhone case

Nintendo NES controller

Book - iPhone case

Envelope - iPhone case

Wallet - iPhone case

Briefcase - iPhone Case


  1. Although I have tried various cases from time to time, for most of the over six years that I have been using an iPhone, I have not used a case. I haven't liked the added bulk, and I preferred the feel of the iPhone itself in my hand. I suspect that I am in the minority — it seems like most folks I see do have a case for their iPhone — so I wanted to warn you at the outset that this is a case review from someone who for the most part does not like cases. Combo Cases are the right choise !

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