Sunday, January 17, 2010

Edgar Mueller - 3D Street Art which is chef-d'oeu·vre

Most of you would be familiar with the name "Edgar Mueller" . He is one of the artists who made me wonder how astounding the '3D street art' can be !

Edgar Mueller shows you how creativity and illusion can amuse you to such an extend that you will never believe what you see again.

Edgar Mueller - 3D Pavement Art - A Master of street painting uses the street as a canvas. If one looks from the right spot, its three-dimensional painting becomes the perfect illusion. Every art is  chef-d'oeu·vre

"Edgar Mueller's studio is the street. He paints over large areas of urban public life and gives them a new appearance, thereby challenging the perceptions of passers-by.The observer becomes a part of the new scenery offered. While going about their daily life, people change the painting's statement just by passing through the scene..."


Some of the snapshots of 3D street Art by Edgar Mueller taken from

More of his works can be seen here and here.


  1. WOW...... very good....... cool 3d pavement.......... :-) :-* B-)

  2. super art work ever!