Friday, January 15, 2010

Choosing colors for a website

Often people design websites with odd colors but little do we notice them due to the other distractions which cover up the mistakes.

Choosing colors for a website is the first mandatory step for web designers. Choosing a color is the designer’s choice but there are certain things which can be followed in order to make the website look more professional.

  1. Choosing the base colors which make up the website.

  2. Colors represent the soul of the website and they play a vital role in bringing out the essence of the website. So, choosing the appropriate color for the website according to the theme is mandatory.

For example:  An environmentalist’s website would look perfect if the color green is used.

A furniture shop/wood shop website would be appealing if the color brown is used.

Websites can look bad for some reasons like

1. Bad usage of colors.

2. Too many colors used.

3. Irrelevant color shades which spoil the entire design. And many more

I found an interesting article about choosing colors for the website . You can find it here


  1. yup are right, colors are really imp

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